Announced the Invited and Keynote Speakers of EMSLIBS 2017

The following distinguished LIBS fellows have been invited to give an invited (I) or keynote (K) lecture at the EMSLIBS 2017:

  • (K) Prof. Michael Angel (USA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Remote Spectroscopy
  • (K) Dr. Carlos Aragon (Spain) – EMSLIBS Session: Fundamentals of LIBS
  • (K) Dr. Francesco Colao (Italy) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Nuclear Applications
  • (I) Prof. Maria Luisa de Carvalho (PT) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage
  • (K) Prof. Alessandro de Giacomo (ITA) – EMSLIBS Session: Nanoparticle-Enhanced LIBS
  • (I) Dr. Rosalba Gaudiuso (ITA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Biomedical Applications
  • (K) Dr. Igor Gornushkin (Germany) – EMSLIBS Session: Fundamentals of LIBS
  • (I) Dr. Asmaa El Hassan (Saudi Arabia) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Metal Industry Applications
  • (I) Dr. Russell Harmon (USA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Geological Applications
  • (K) Dr. Paddy Hayden (Ireland) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Pharmaceutical Industry Applications
  • (K) Dr. Jörg Hermann (FRA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Characterization of laser-produced plasmas
  • (K) Prof. Montserrat Hidalgo (ESP) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Analysis of liquids
  • (I) Dr. Madhavi Martin (USA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Forensic Applications
  • (I) Dr. Rodger Martin (USA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Nuclear Industry Applications
  • (K) Dr. Vincent Motto-Ros (FRA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Surface Mapping and Depth Profiling
  • (I) Dr. Christian Parigger (USA) – EMSLIBS Session: Fundamental of Laser-induced Plasmas
  • (K) Dr. Sergei Pershin (Russia) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Industrial Applications
  • (I) Dr. Mohamad Sabsabi (CAN) – EMSLIBS Session: LIBS Instrumentation
  • (K) Prof. Tetsuo Sakka (Japan) – EMSLIBS Session: Fundamental of LIBS
  • (I) Dr. Citlali Sánchez-Aké (MEX) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Synthesis of nanoparticles by laser
  • (K) Dr. J. B. Sirven (FRA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Chemometrics
  • (I) Dr. Zhe Wang (CHINA) – EMSLIBS/CSI Session: Coal Analysis

The EMSLIBS/CSI sessions are ‘hybrid’ sessions that will host presentations from both EMSLIBS and CSI researchers.